182.20 CT SIX SPIKES STAR GARNET 10 Pcs 100% Natural Awesome Wholesale Lot W3022

182.20 CT SIX SPIKES STAR GARNET 10 Pcs 100% Natural Awesome Wholesale Lot W3022
182.20 CT SIX SPIKES STAR GARNET 10 Pcs 100% Natural Awesome Wholesale Lot W3022
182.20 CT SIX SPIKES STAR GARNET 10 Pcs 100% Natural Awesome Wholesale Lot W3022
182.20 CT SIX SPIKES STAR GARNET 10 Pcs 100% Natural Awesome Wholesale Lot W3022

182.20 CT SIX SPIKES STAR GARNET 10 Pcs 100% Natural Awesome Wholesale Lot W3022

182.20 CT SIX SPIKES STAR GARNET 10 Pcs 100% Natural Awesome Wholesale Lot W3022. (Not Applicable to Translucent / Opaque Gems). All pictures displayed are actual pictures of the gemstone on sale.

Photography has been done through Samsung Mobile E7 in the fluorescent light. Note: Actual Color of the gemstone is'Reddish to brown' which is mentioned as black by lab but we can not challenge lab as they have their own parameters. Note : This is a Natural Star Garnet for astrological purpose and energized by our Panditas for best astrological effects. Note: These are economic quality gemstones have minor scratches on surface. We can also make customized. Benefits Of Natural Star Garnet.

Star Garnet is a naturally occurring stone, which is composed of group of silicate minerals. This stone is mostly found in dodecahedral crystal form. They crystallize in the cubic crystal, having three axes perpendicular to each other.

It can be very well identified by magnet. Transparent Star Garnets are used in jewelry making. Star Garnet is a very helpful gemstone for the person who is facing lack of self confidence. It is the gemstone which is used in the treatment of blood related disorder.

If Star Garnet pendant is worn around the neck, it gives protection from the black magic and evil eye. Is often based on the red hue, and is often associated with love, passion, metabolism, and blood related health aspect. It is found in almost every color and shade, including a rare color-change variety that appears red in incandescent light and blue in daylight or fluorescence light. It is best known in deep red variety but is commonly found in orangish brown shades and brilliant wine-red shades as well. The deep stone is associated with the kundalini-fire of transformation, which is the integrating fire that assists the kundalini up.

Star Garnet is a stone of purity of heart. The red stone is helps energize and bring the circulation level to normal if deficient. Color-Red, Pink, Green, Orange, yellow, Brown, Black. Appearance-Transparent or translucent crystal, often small and faceted or larger piece. Mohs scale hardness-6.5-7.5.

Healing Properties of Star Garnet gemstone. Star Garnet is a powerful and energizing, regenerating stone. It cleanses and reenergizes the chakras. It revitalizes, purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion. It inspires love and devotion.

It balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. Red Star Garnet in particular stimulates the controlled rise of Kundalini energy. This is a stone of commitment. It is a very useful crystal to have in a crisis. This stone regenerates the body and stimulates metabolism.

It treats spinal and cellular disorders, purifies and reenergizes the blood, heart, lungs and regenerates DNA. It assists assimilation of minerals and vitamins. Star Garnet has several other uses, apart from making jewelry.

It is used to cut steel and other materials in water jet. It is also used in water filtration plant.

Those having depression problem can put this stone under pillow to cure it. This stone is considered very useful for career building and increasing personal magnetism. It is very powerful stone for increasing business prospects.

Star Garnet birthstone of January. Star Garnet is considered best stone for the people born in the month of January. It is best gemstone for zodiac Aquarius.

People born in this sign can benefit widely in their business and personal front with this stone as a choice. Star Garnets mostly have names based on their colors.

They are classified basically into six types. Pyrope - Deep red, orange red. Almandine - Red to violet red. Grossularite - White, yellow, black, orange, green, yellowish brown. Andradite - Colorless yellowish green, emerald green.

Currently, the worlds largest deposit of Star Garnet is found in the continent of Africa. Other source of this stone is found in India, Brazil and United States. We at Astrokapoor offer natural and certified gemstones of excellent quality. Each gemstone is passed from various tests by the team of our own gemologist and finally certified by government approved laboratories and best quality is picked for our clients. We offer best competitive rates to our clients.

Kindly provide your requirement filling up the given form. The six key steps in Examining a Stone. Whenever possible, examine stones unmounted.

Make sure the gem is clean. Hold the unmounted stone so that your fingers touch only the girdle. View the gem under proper lightning. Please note that all Gems are already energized (Pran Pratishtha) before sending to our clients by special Pundits and Purohits having in-depth knowledge of Vedas. An auspicious day and Nakshatra is chosen by client Name, Date of birth and Place by our Purohits. A Matt is placed with its face towards East, North or North east while performing Pooja.

The gemstone is washed with holy. Is lighted in front of the gemstone and mantra is enchanted along with marigold flowers in according to the concerned gemstone.

The Name of the person, Date of birth is enchanted by closing the eyes by Purohits according to the concerned gemstone. This completes the Pran Pratishtha of the gemstone and the person can directly wear this as it has already been energized. The time starts from the day the first item closes. If there is a certificate accompanying the gemstone, it may take a couple of days longer. We will not take the. We answer all messages within 24 hours, usually earlier. We also kindly request that you do not leave a negative or neutral feedback without contacting us.

We will try our absolute best to resolve any problems that you may have. We guarantee that this gemstone is accurately represented in this listing.

We provide Free Gemological Certificates from reputed labs like GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), GRS (GemResearch SwissLab), AIGS (Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences), GII (Gemological Institute of India), HKD Diamond Laboratories and IGL&I, please look under the "Remarks" field in the listing which mentions which certificate is accompanying this particular gemstone. The certificate clearly mentions the carat weight, measurements, etc along with the confirmation that the gemstone is unheated / untreated / Treated. If you would like to have a certificate for a stone which does not come with a Free Certificate, just send us a message to know the extra cost. However, there is no import duty on gemstones in the USA, Europe and Canada. In other countries you may be looking at around 1% of the declared value for loose gems.

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182.20 CT SIX SPIKES STAR GARNET 10 Pcs 100% Natural Awesome Wholesale Lot W3022

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